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Music Search using Google Assistant in Android

The Google Assistant app allows you to quickly access your smartphone assistant by pressing and holding down your home button or by simply saying, “Ok Google.” It can open your smartphone apps by passing system commands to your Android operating system. Google is a world's most popular search engine. It is highly famous for keyword search, and image search. Google's voice recognition feature allows searching music or videos by matching the sound. This feature can be simply accessed from Android smartphones through Google Assistant by entering the keywords (or voice) “(What|Find|What's|etc.)” and “(Song)”. For example, “what song”. This is a simple tutorial for searching music from Google through Google Assistant. Accessing Google Assistant Download Google Assistant app from Google Play Store, if you do not have in your smartphone. Open the Google Assistant app and press the keypad icon. Now enter the keyword “what song” and play the music. Google Assistant Musi