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Interactive Phylogenetic Tree Visualization using iTOL

A phylogenetic tree ( a.k.a. , cladogram or dendrogram) is a diagrammatic/graphical representation of the genetical/evolutionary relationship of species/organisms/genes. Phylogenetic tree helps to find the common ancestor. The i nteractive T ree O f L ife ( iTOL ) is an online tool to display and manipulate phylogenetic trees. iTOL offers free access (limited access), standard subscription (unlimited access), and iTOL annotation editor subscription (unlimited and versatile access). It supports user-interactive customizable tree layouts, manual drawing, and annotation. iTOL can visualize trees with 50,000 or more nodes. This is a simple video tutorial for user interactive visualization of phylogenetic trees using the iTOL tool. The iTOL tool produces phylogenetic trees in various formats, such as rectangular, slanting, curved, radial, and curved. It accepts input in Newick, Nexus, or PhyloXML file format.