Taking High Resolution Web-Page Screenshots on Chrome


Google Chrome (or simply Chrome) is a free and fast web browser developed by Google. The currently released Chrome web browser comes with built-in functionality to take a screenshot of webpages without any add-ons. It allows taking a high-quality screenshots at high resolutions.

Types of Screenshots

The Chrome browser support taking 4 types of screenshots of a web page.

  • Capture area screenshot - taking screenshot on specific region
  • Capture full size screenshot - taking scrolling screenshot from top to bottom
  • Capture node screenshot - taking screenshot of a specific HTML element
  • Capture screenshot - taking full screen screenshot

The Capture full size screenshot/Capture screenshot options are accessible via Chrome's developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I). Furthermore, Capture area screenshot/Capture node screenshot options are accessible via Run command (Ctrl+Shift+P) by entering command “screenshot”.

Run command

The video tutorial below demonstrates various types of webpage image capture methods.


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