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Network marketing (a.k.a. direct selling) is a trending business model which replaces the traditional sales and advertising system. It relies on person-to-person sales (chain system) through work from home. Digital marketing (or online marketing) is a way to expand the marketing network through the internet and digital platforms such as PC/laptops and smartphones using digital media and platforms to promote the products. Social media applications place a significant role in sharing product or service details and communicating with persons.

Many local and global network marketing companies are emerging rapidly. Some of the most popular network marketing firms are Altos, Amway, Asclepius Wellness, Atomy India, Avon, Biosash, Forever, Future Maker, Galway, Happy Health India, Herbalife India, Highrich, IMC, Indusviva, Keva Industries, Mary Kay, MI Lifestyle, Modicare, Naswiz Retails, Netsurf Network, OK Life Care, Oriflame, RCM, Renatus Wellness, Rodan+Fields, Safe Shop India, Tupperware, Vestige, etc. We may have known at least one of them in our lifetimes through friends or relatives.

Network marketing is generally in a pyramid structure (one-to-many) where the product was sold by the person(s) instead of through shops. The individuals can be a consumer or sellers. Moreover, the individuals in the chain will not get a salary for selling the products. The salesperson acts as an intermediator to the company. They earn by receiving commissions or attractive rewards for selling the products or providing services. Due to this system, the price of the products is most expensive compared to similar products available in the shops. Companies' reason for the claim of price rise is due to the high quality of the product.

Note: Even though there are some assuring statements from the salesperson or chain of individuals, we have to check the genuineness of the product and the company. Most people lose their money or cannot make any payback even after investing in their schemes. There Ain't No Such Thing as Free Lunch. If its FREE, then you're the product.


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