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YouTube Description

This is a simple and valuable tip for YouTube video uploaders to share the internal and external URLs in the video description. While entering the URLs in the video description, we must type the whole URL. For example, (Not or Moreover, for YouTube channel names/handles, it must be with full URL (including valid handle name prefix by @). For example, (Not /@AKBIT or @AKBIT). YouTube automatically parses the URLs and replaces the YouTube URLs with a YouTube icon. Instead, the handle name can be hyperlinked by typing the at the rate of symbol (@) followed by the handle name @AKBIT. Meanwhile, you have to select the exact handle from the dropdown list box.

YouTube Handle

YouTube Video Description

A sample YouTube video description with URLs are below,

A simple video tutorial to convert chemical structures in the image to a 3D molecule using online OSRA (Optical Structure Recognition Application) tool. The resource URL to the webserver is below,

Source Code:

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Music: Little Samba - Quincas Moreira

#BioGem #BioBIN #Bioinformatics #AKBIT #OSRA #3DMolecules #Compound #2D_Compound #CACTUS #NCI

Note: Only URL links without the YouTube icon will display in the shorts video description.


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