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Pointing Subdomain to another Domain through cPanel

Pointing Subdomain to another DomainPointing a subdomain to another domain is a challenging task for those who shift to another hosting provider. The problem is, old domain must point to the new domain properly for all sub-directories (Eg. to If the subdomain does not properly points to the new domain, the link may get broken. We can point a subdomain to another domain through cPanel, Zone Editor, or .htaccess file. In this tutorial, I have used cPanel version 66.0.14 to take screenshot.cPanel MethodIt is an easy method to point a subdomain to another domain. In this method, we can simply set both domains in cPanel to perform the task. In the Domains section of cPanel, click the Redirects link. In the Redirects page, enter the old subdomain and the new domain as shown in the screenshot below. Select the Wild Card Redirect box to redirect all files within a directory with the same filename…